Where is Comet Leonard now? The ‘doomsday’ space event happening this weekend


A huge lump of space rock is set to fly past Earth this weekend in what promises to be the brightest viewable comet of the year.

This one is a must for all stargazers, for some of which it will be visible to the naked eye.

To make it even more of a must, this really is a once in a lifetime event, with it not due to pass Earth again for another 80,000 years.

There is even a chance that those who catch sight of it this weekend will see it in its final days, as there is a possibility it could break up in January as it passes the sun.

This is all the more of a big deal when you learn it has been on its journey for 35,000 years.

Where is comet Leonard now?

At the time of writing, the comet Leonard is currently in the constellation Serpens.

You can track the comet on the website theskylive.com, or by downloading the Night’s Sky app.

Leonard recently passed a constellation called Boötes on December 8 and is flying through space at a mind-warping 158,000 miles per hour, although it won’t appear to be moving this quickly when it is set to appear in the night’s sky.

The comet also has a Twitter account where regular updates about its progress are being posted.

When is comet Leonard expected to pass earth?
The comet is expected to pass at its closest to earth on Sunday, December 12, after which visibility will begin to fade away for viewers in Europe.

Despite this, the best opportunities to see it will still remain for people in other parts of the world, including North America on December 14.

How can I spot comet Leonard?
The best time for Britsh stargazers is to get outside at around 4am in the mornings of the weekend of December 10, 11 and 12.

Due to the UK’s low southeasterly position at twilight, we aren’t going to be in the best place to see the comet when it is due at its closest position to earth on the 12th, and will likely miss the absolute peak altogether.

Some stargazers will be lucky enough to spot Leonard without binoculars, although they are recommended.

Is Leonard a ‘doomsday’ comet?
Some scriptures have been decoded by a bible scholar who claims that Leonard will beckon the start of the apocalypse.

They claim to have amassed evidence the end of times will be denoted by an event in space.

We’ll have to wait and see, however, because the end of days apocalypse theories can come fairly thick and fast, and they can’t all be right.