My son, 6, refuses to use a toilet – it’s vile and sometimes makes me hate him’


A mum has revealed she’s started resenting her own son so much that sometimes she hates him, all because he refuses to use a toilet.

The frustrated mum explained that her six-year-old son was potty trained around the age of two, but as soon as he turned three, he somehow reverted to pooing his pants.

Three years on, the mum has done everything she can to get her child to poo in a toilet but he refuses, and “doesn’t see anything wrong” with soiling himself every time he needs a number two.

“SIX! And STILL pooping himself. Hasn’t s*** in a toilet in THREE YEARS,” the angry mum wrote in a blistering Reddit post.

In a desperate attempt to get her son re-potty trained, the mum said she’d taken the boy to “doctors, hospitals, therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy,” yet no one seemed to be able to help.

Over the last few years, the mum confessed she’s begun feeling “hate and disgust” towards her son, who she feels prevents her from living any kind of a normal life.

She continued: “I can’t let him hang out with friends, can’t bring him anywhere with me, can’t go on vacation, long car rides, or even the fing park because he will s himself constantly.”

But, despite all her best efforts, the youngster simply doesn’t care about his toilet habits, even when it means losing friends and having people judge him.

“He says he’s fine with smelling bad and not having friends because of it,” she added. “All of his cousins make fun of him and so do the kids at school, but he just doesn’t care.”

One mum, who said her own child was only just getting over the same habit, commented: “Don’t resent him. He is going through something he does not quite understand and putting him under pressure will make your relationship with him far worse for the future.”

Another sympathised: “Your frustration is totally understandable but it sounds like it is so intense that it’s impacting your life. You need to take care of yourself, too.”