‘Most haunted’ pub CCTV of glass ‘spontaneously shattering’ leaves staff spooked


A pub dubbed by locals as the town’s “most haunted” has released footage of a glass “spontaneously shattering” in spooky CCTV.

Security cameras in Longs Arms, which has long held the title of Wiltshire’s most haunted pub, captured the bizarre moment when a glass appears to burst into small pieces.

Landlord, Rob Allcock, said he couldn’t stop watching it.

Since posting the video on Twitter, many people have hypothesised that something must have fallen on top of the glass, Dorset Live reports.

But Rob said this wasn’t possible .

“It’s a single glass – they’re not touching and this is a toughened Guinness glass with the bottom blown out of it,” he said.

The glass was placed upside down, Rob explained, on a hygienic drip mat with a gap underneath to allow the glass to dry.

“There’s no way anything could have hit it.”

According to Rob, the toughened glass at the bottom, which is not supposed to shatter, burst as though”someone had crushed it from the top”.

“It’s just really odd and you can see from my wife’s reaction, she’s pretty freaked out,” he added.

The Longs Arms pub is no stranger to paranormal activity although nothing of this nature had ever occurred before.

Husband and wife Rob and Liz have run The Longs Arms in South Wraxall for 10 years, becoming custodians near-on four years ago.

In that time a number of phantoms have presented themselves to regulars, visitors, customers and the owners, according to Rob.

He recounts scenarios where children have been seen sitting with customers, eating dinner.

When a customer goes to leave, they’d say to Rob: “Wasn’t that little boy really well behaved?” And he’d explain there were just two adults sitting there, with no children.

People have been pushed into the toilets from the back of their heads, while others have seen men in the garden, picking apples up.

Things around the pub have been known to move around, but no glass has ever spontaneously burst before.

“Normally, you see things and then you look back and there’s no one there. I’ll be walking through to the kitchen, which has a door that opens both ways, and it will open as if someone is on the other side, pulling it – you get used to things like that,” Rob said.

Most famously is the little black and white dog, that has been seen so vividly by all people and children alike that they actually attempt to pick him up, and kids chase him round the tables, “even though there’s nothing there.”

Rob explained that when he reveals to people that the dog isn’t there, they get “quite freaked out.”

“They’ve seen it, and you can’t argue with someone once they’ve seen it,” he added.

He added: “Growing up in pubs in Liverpool, my mum always used to tell me, don’t be afraid of the ghostly things you see, be scared of the living.

“I’ve always kept that with me – what are they going to do? It’s not a horror film, it’s just what it is. I can’t explain it, I just don’t feel like they’re going to harm us.”

Although over the years, loads of people have told Rob and Liz, they ought to get a ghost hunter in, Rob says “no way.”

“We might see things, hear things, feel things, but it’s all good – I don’t want to start upsetting anything – I’d rather just let things be.”

It is hypothesised that The Longs Arms dates back to the 16th century, however, it is not exactly known – although it is clear that the building has been an inn since 1870.

The Allcocks are the only other family after the Longs that have owned the pub in 140 years.