Nurse shares most jaw-dropping deathbed confessions she’s heard including murder


We all have our own secrets in life, but there are certainly some whose secrets are much darker than others.

And if there’s one person who can attest to this, it’s a TikTok user known as Nurse JJ.

Posting under the username @graysymmetrical, the nurse shares behind the scenes tidbits from her job in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in the US.

Most notably she’s gone viral for revealing some of the most jaw-dropping deathbed confessions she claims to have ever heard while working, which include murder, kidnapping and leading a double life.

Unsurprisingly some of the confessions are downright terrifying and Nurse JJ has said she wishes some people had taken their secrets to the grave instead of telling her as she now has to “live with it”.

In one clip, the nurse shares how one patient confessed he had “unalived his neighbour because of where he wanted to put his fence”.

While she claims someone else told her that they believed their uncle had been involved in a missing person’s case.

She quotes the patient in the TikTok video as saying: “This girl went missing 30 years ago and I think my uncle took her. The sweater in her missing poster was in his garbage.”

And she explains how another person on their deathbed was a prisoner, who said they had taken the fall for their wife after she “unalived” the woman he had cheated on her with, as he felt “guilty”.

Some of the other confessions were still bizarre but thankfully weren’t quite so scary.

Quoting a patient in a different video, Nurse JJ said: “I was a hairdresser for twenty years and I kept all of the ‘donated’ hair to knit blankets with.”

Similarly, another user reportedly told her how they had been stealing money from their blind friend.

A sixth admitted to having two families and shared that they were worried about who would turn up to the funeral.

After sharing the first 18 confessions, Nurse JJ answered some questions on TikTok about them and where they came from as several of her followers had begun to question whether or not they were “real”.

She said: “This is a really common question, so thank you for asking it. I appreciate that.

“All 18 of the confessions that I posted are things that patients have told me, I can’t speak to their origin, whether they came from a place of hospital delirium, or truth, or anger. I’m not sure, but I do know that all 18 of those affected me in a very negative way and sharing them with you guys actually helps me a lot.

“So thank you for listening, I have a lot more stories.”

People in the comments were divided over the confessions, with some fascinated by them but others upset for the nurse as it was “unfair” to put that on her.

One person replied: “It is truly unfair that they tell you these things because you have to live with the fact that your patients have done so many messed up things.”

“I feel like I wouldn’t be able to handle this,” wrote a second.

While a different user suggested: “You should write a book of them.”